"The Motivity Coach"

Hello, I am “Coach Mary Ann” Anderson, CEO of Motivity Coaching, LLC; a professional and personal development company. I have two decades of experience as a life transformational speaker, life coach, trainer, and facilitator. “Motivity" is defined as "the power of moving or producing motion”.As “The Motivity Coach”, I am committed to helping you employ strategic processes that put your life in motion.

I am known primarily for my passion and effectiveness in helping you:

  • Move out of your own way 

  • Think, speak, and behave in ways that promote positive outcomes 

  • Apprehend the tools and resources necessary for your success 

  • Deny emotional and mental access to people and things that stifle your growth and productivity 

  • Experience successful achievements

  • Improve your quality of life

  • Move closer to the life you want 


Everything you need to succeed is within your grasp!

You are powerful, resilient, and resourceful!

As your coach, I will also help you:

  • Assess and access your internal and external resources

  • Assess your desire, where you are, where you want to be, and what it will take to get you there

  • Create a strategic action-oriented plan

  • Create an environment that provides support and encourages successful execution and sustainable change

  • Move beyond any barriers, beliefs, and behaviors that may be preventing you from experiencing lasting success

  • Live the life you desire


Whether it is creating a strategic plan and approach for managing your stress levels and/or relationship interactions, or setting and achieving specific goals, I look forward to helping you put your best self in motion.

The Motivity Mission


Motivity Coaching is committed to “Putting Lives in Motion” by utilizing an innovative coaching model that effectively help our clients plan and achieve the goals that create the quality of life they desire. We strive to move our clients in the direction of intentional success and sustainable change.


At Motivity Coaching

Your success is our business!