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The Healing Results of Forgiveness

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

January 10, 2016 by ~Coach Mary Ann Anderson ~ "The Motivity Coach",

Forgive and Live

Some people confuse forgiveness with forgetting. They make statements like, “I can forgive him/her, but I will never forget.” And yet they treat the person who they claim to have forgiven as if the offense is still fresh in their minds. Have they really truly forgiven the person? True forgiveness is an ACTION. It is ACTING as if  “IT” (the offense) never happened. This is easier said then done; as in the case when the mouth says “I forgive” but the heart says “I will never forget”.

Unforgiveness is one of the biggest barriers to moving you into your destiny. It can block your future achievements and hinders your successes. Marriages and families are torn apart because of unforgiveness. Because forgiveness is so critical to our success in life, many people seek counseling to learn how to forgive.

People, including myself, have had a hard time forgiving others because  their childhood foundation was built upon mistrust and unforgiveness. The physical and emotional scars we suffer and bear on our bodies and hearts only re-enforce the inability to forgive. It doesn’t take long to see the effects of  unforgiveness.  It surfaces as anger, hostility, mistrust and sickness. It leads to drug and alcohol abuse, dysfunctional relationships, depression and thoughts of suicide. It is a devastating disease.

Unforgiveness is often reinforced by others who sympathize with our reasons for not forgiving. But little do we or they know that they are only helping us remain sick and dysfunctional. I love coaching individuals on how to forgive because the outcome provides ultimate healing results.

If you are plagued with the disease of unforgiveness, seek to be healed. Perhaps you can begin to enjoy the journey to your destiny with life coaching.

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